Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keep Your Content Fresh

Did you know that content can get old, just like bread and milk? Stale content is rehashed information that doesn't give the reader anything new or original. So how can a dedicated blogger keep content fresh and new?

One key is to curate content. When you curate content, you explore websites and social media looking for what's new and different and sharing that content with your audience. Curation is a good tool to demonstrate your expertise, thought leadership, and depth of knowledge.

Here's how I curate content:
  • Set Google alerts for topics that you want to write about 
  • Join or something similar and get links to blog posts about your topics 
  • Use Feedly to follow content on websites that interest you 
  • Follow the blogs and tweets of authorities in your field for cutting edge information 
  • Search Slideshare for presentations on your topics 
  • Visit the website of major universities for research studies 
  • Don't forget Instagram and Pinterest as sources for material 
Use what you curate as a jumping off point for a post on the topic and share your own opinions, ideas, information, advice. Take a contrarian point of view or add examples from your own experience to support the original work. For example, I got the idea for this blog post from several tweets on curating content. Since curation is something I do, I decided to share how I do it.

If you use anything from the original source, make sure you give credit to the author and add the ability to link to the original document. You may need permission to use quotes, artwork and photos. See my blog post Let's Talk Plagiarism for more information.

Action: What do you do to keep your content fresh? 

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