Monday, December 30, 2013

Success Strategies: Concentrate for Bottom-Line Results

Concentration is like a laser; it can help you cut through distractions and be more productive. Energy flows where attention goes. When you concentrate on a task, you focus your attention on it and that, in turn, focuses your energy. You get more done, faster, and more efficiently.
Your power is in the present moment. We cannot change the past, and we can only imagine the future, but we can take action in the present. NOW is the moment of power. Concentration keeps you in the now where you can act.
Your dominant sense may be your greatest source of distractions. For example, if sight is dominant, you are probably most susceptible to visual distractions. Positioning your desk by a window may not be a good idea. If hearing is your dominant sense, you need an environment that is quiet since sound will distract you. 
 If feeling is your dominant sense, you need to create an environment that makes you feel safe and is conducive to concentration. For example, you may be distracted and unable to concentrate if the room temperature isn’t just right or the area doesn’t “feel right.” When you know where distractions are likely to come from, you can take steps to reduce their impact or eliminate them. The key to success is to do what works for you and not judge yourself.
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