Monday, December 9, 2013

Plan to Succeed

Two things professionals always need more of—time and money. And if you are like many business people, you focus on making money when, in fact, improving how you use time can put more money in your pocket—sometimes faster and more easily than focusing on money!
Improving time management and organization
Small changes in how you do things can produce big results. According to experts in time management and organization, one minute of planning saves five minutes of execution. That’s a 500% return on your effort.

If all you do is spend 15 minutes each day to plan the day, you will save 75 minutes of time. That’s more than one hour a day and six full hours each week. You gain almost an entire day just by investing 15 minutes in planning!

What would you do with one extra hour each day?

What would you do with one extra day each week? 

Is that worth investing 15 minutes a day in planning?

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