Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Doesn't Work for Entrepreneurs

What are you doing now that takes time away from actually working on your business? Are you creating your own inbound content instead of hiring a professional to do it? Are you struggling with website design instead of using a professional web developer? What are you doing that someone else could do for you easier, faster and better?

You may believe that you cannot afford to hire help, but maybe that’s not true. Hiring experts to do what they do best frees you to work on the parts of your business that only you can do—those parts that produce revenue. If your fees are higher than the people you hire, you are making money by using them.

Whether it is running the business while you are away, managing your contact list, or fulfilling orders, delegation frees you to work on your business and do what only you can do. It is the entrepreneur’s best friend and one of the most important ways you can invest your time now to save time later. I recommend that you use contractors rather than hire employees since there is less paperwork and reporting required for contractors.

Delegation can be hard for some people. When you allow someone else to make decisions, you are releasing a part of your business to them. Many entrepreneurs are not comfortable with this, but successful delegation requires it. Micromanaging alienates people and creates a sense of distrust and resentment on the part of those you need to trust to help you succeed.

The key to successful delegation is investing time now to clearly describe the results you expect, establish deadlines, and locate and vet potential candidates. When you delegate, however, you must hand over authority and decision making to the person to whom you have delegated the task. So it’s important to check out the person’s qualifications, credentials, expertise, and references.

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