Monday, November 4, 2013

How Do You Stay Organized and Get Things Done?

Doing the most important things first keeps you on track and ensures that you accomplish your major goals. Knowing how to set and respect priorities is a mark of professionalism.

Designate a Place for Everything
According to experts in organization, you lose an hour a day trying to find documents. The goal is to establish a place for everything and put everything in its place. Often, people who have stacks or piles of paper have a challenge remembering where they file things. Out of sight is out of mind. Stacks, however, give the appearance that you are disorganized and unprofessional. Clutter also negatively affects your productivity and self-esteem.

Stop Answering Email
Some jobs require you to immediately respond to emails. However, time management and organization experts generally advise people to turn off their “You’ve-got-mail” notification and check and respond to email at designated times during the day.

Plan, Plan, Plan
Use a calendar to plan and organize time. Your calendar is one of your most important planning and time management tools. It can help you manage priorities and identify critical dates and deadlines.

What are your favorite organizing tools?

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