Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WorkSmarts: Know the Rules of the Game

They might as well put a honing device in your bra, a camera in your car, and a listening bug in your Coach bag. No, it’s not the newest Bond flick. Around 75% of employers monitor employees’ electronic communications in some way; one-third monitor keystrokes! That’s right. Every time your fingers move across your keyboard, someone may be watching what you are typing.

Did you know your company might be checking what websites you visit using company computers – even take-home laptops -- and company time? If they find anything X-rated, you may find yourself an X-employee pretty quickly.

Did you know your company cells might have GPS to track your whereabouts when the phone is on? That quickie manicure, Nordstrom’s emergency, or visit to mom may not be perceived as so innocent.

What about using your own cell at work? Surely that’s sacred, right? Well, your company can’t listen in, but it can track how much time you spend on your cell when you’re supposed to be working.

Some companies take a hard line with all this; others are more laid back and understand that you have a life outside the office--and many companies have a “reasonable use” policy for using technology for personal reasons at work.

Check your company's manual and find out how far you can go before you go too far! And check out my workshops for Developing as a Professional and my book on

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