Monday, October 7, 2013

Part Two: Trust Comes from Consistency

Create consistency to create trust to create sales to create profits
One of the most important actions you can take as an entrepreneur is maintain consistency. It is one of the first things I look at when I start working with a new entrepreneur or business.

Consistency means that:

  • You understand your brand messaging and use it in everything you create.  For example, my brand message is driving bottom-line results. Everything I do must drive that message home so that people can use that information to get the results they need--more business and greater profits!
  • Your  colors and logo appear in all your content, products, and services. I use a simple logo and have created Word and PowerPoint templates that incorporate it into every document I produce. I use the tagline everywhere. The terms "The Successful Professional" appear in everything. 
  • You decide what products and services to develop and market based on how well they integrate with your business. 
  • You create linkages among all your content to drive people deeper into your website, which is your store. You can follow every link in this post to see examples of this.
  • Images and graphics support your brand and your messaging. If you have a career coaching business, you use career images; if you are a fitness consultant, you will use entirely different images that reflect the customer you want to reach.
Consistency is the first step in gaining trust. You use it to show customers and potential customers who you are. This helps them get to know you and begin to recognize your content when they see it. 

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