Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Part 1: In Order to Persuade Business to Come to You, You Must Be Trustworthy

In order to persuade a client to do business with you, to buy your products and services, you must:

How to create trust and persuade people to do business with you
  1. Establish the trustworthiness of you and your organization. Your audience must believe you are a competent person, a professional.
  2. Present information accurately
  3. Use verifiable data
  4. Use meaningful resources and expert opinion
  5. Ensure accuracy

Let's start with establishing trustworthiness. How do you do that?

  • Be consistent. Consistency means that you communicate your brand and brand messaging in everything you do. Certain themes appear in your blog, on your website, in your products and marketing materials. You become known for your abilities and expertise. Consistent messaging creates credibility. 
  • Be credible. When you are credible, people believe what you say. They credit you with knowing your business and pay attention to what you recommend. Credibility leads to trust.
When you are trustworthy, people are ready and willing to work with you, buy your products and services, and, most importantly, refer you to their friends and colleagues. Once you win trust, maintaining consistency and credibility is even more important because you want to nurture that trust so that it grows into a long-term, profitable relationship. 

Answer these questions about establishing the trustworthiness of you and your business:

1. How are you being consistent and communicate an integrated message about your business?

2. How are you demonstrating credibility so that people believe what you say and see you as an expert?

3. How are you nurturing the trust you have with your current clients to grow your business?

Come back for additional posts on other ways to persuade business to come to you.

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