Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Guest Blogger Wallette V. McCall on The Top Three Ways to Know if You Are Afraid of Succeeding

The Top 3 Ways to Know if You Are Afraid of Succeeding

imagesCAIOEBIGHow can someone be afraid of success?  Don’t we all want to succeed?  Yes we do.  But for some people success is just as frightening as failure.  Fear of failure is easy to perceive because it is more obvious.  Fear of success is more subtle because it doesn’t make sense to us that we would not want to succeed.
If you find that you are in limbo when it comes to reaching your goals and can’t figure out why, are you experiencing the following?
  1. The thought of the responsibility of being successful makes you anxious. You wonder if you can handle the “notoriety” that may come with your success and believe you cannot do it.
  2. Find yourself being concerned about what others may think about you being a success.  You wonder if others will start thinking that you are better than they are and they will reject you.
  3. Notice that you are doing things to sabotage yourself.  For example, you may continue putting off working on a project that has a deadline and miss the deadline.
Fear of success is more common than people think. It causes people to miss a lot of opportunities in life. It brings change and change means taking a risk. Fear of success feels like taking a risk.  And when we’re too afraid to take risks we get stuck in one place.
The excitement of success can feel close to anxiety.  And no one likes to feel anxiety or stress.  To relieve the stress they are feeling, a person will stop working on the plan or goal that they really want.
To overcome fear of success:
  1. Stop the chatter going on in your head.  Counteract the negative thoughts that are trying to derail you with thoughts of the advantages and perks that come with your new found success!
  2. Accept the fact that “change is coming”.  Your life will be different.  You will be different.  Be excited about the change instead of being afraid.
  3. Be prepared to let some relationships go.  This hard to face but if you know you have people in your life who cannot or will not celebrate your success you may find that the season for the relationship has run its course.
Because your life and career consists of your choices, choose to embrace who you are, your unique gifts, and shine.   Remember, you deserve to enjoy and celebrate all of your successes!
Wallette V. McCall is an author, speaker and Life Transition Strategist for women.  Allison publishes the “Breakthrough to Change” Ezine on how to navigate significant change  in your personal and professional life at:

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