Thursday, October 31, 2013

Focus on Treats, Not Tricks

Some marketing experts advise entrepreneurs to focus on the pain. I believe, however, that people want something positive from us--a benefit that they cannot get from someone else. That one thing that makes me unique. I also don't believe that poking someone's sore spot is good business. Sure, I might get their attention, but is it in a good way?

Do you really want someone to remind you that your finances suck, you're a failure in romance, your business is going down the toilet? Really? Does that make you feel good? Of course not!

Focus on positives and on what benefits you bring to your clientsOn the other hand, how do you feel if an expert tells you they can put your finances on a path to financial independence, they can help you find the love of your life, and turn your business around? Things you want? Probably--at least one of them. 

Remember, what you focus on expands; what your customers focus on expands. Focus them on what you can do for them to make their lives/businesses better, more successful, more satisfying, more everything.

Patricia Haddock has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations and entrepreneurs drive bottom-line results and profits. She is the author of 11 books and specializes in inbound content strategies and product development for entrepreneurs.  Visit her website for information to help you grow your business and become more profitable. Watch for Entrepreneur Academy with Patricia Haddock coming in 2014.

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