Monday, September 16, 2013

Part 5 of 6: How Entrepreneurs Can Use E-books to Drive Bottom-Line Results

Part 5: Easy formula for creating a 24-page e-book

I recommend doing at least a 24-page e-book. That may seem hard, but anything less is really just a special report (like this one) or a set of tips. When you break down the 24 pages into steps, it is easy to pull one together.

Formula for a 24-Page E-Book

Front Pages
       Cover or title page-1 page (Make sure you use a strong graphic element you have the rights to)
       Copyright page-1 page (Always protect your intellectual property)
       Introduction page-1 page (Why you are writing this e-book and what it will do for people)
       Total Front: 3 pages
Back Pages
       Bio page-1 page (Not just who you are, but how you work with people to get results)
       Offer page-1 page (An up-sell to a more expensive product or service or a free offer that leads to an up-sell)
       Back cover-1 page (Contact information)
       Total front and back: 6 pages
Body—18 pages
       Choose 3 to 6 key points
       Allot equal number of pages per point
       One image per page plus about three paragraphs of information
       Action steps either on every page or on the last page
       Resources for more information (optional)
       Total e-book: 24 pages

Take one page a day and in 24 days, you will have an e-book. After your e-book is completed, have it professionally edited and proofread. Save it as a PDF and decide if you want to sell it or use it as an opt-in. You can also format it for Kindle. I'll explain how to do this in another series of posts. 

You can get a free e-book by signing up for the opt-in on my website:

In the last part of this series, I will show you how to leverage your e-book into other products and services for bottom-line results.

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