Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Showcase Your Expertise with Speaking and Achieve Bottom-Line Results

speaking for business, speaker sheet
Speaking to a group is an excellent way to showcase your expertise. As a speaker, your audience automatically assumes you have a level of expertise about your topic, otherwise you would not be speaking. In addition, you can reach a larger number of people in less time than if you were to contact each person individually. Lastly, you can get them to sign up for your free opt in, so you can capture their contact information.

1.     Start by deciding who your audience is and how you can reach them. Create an Excel spreadsheet of venues and contacts for each.
2.     Determine up to three topics your audience would be interested in. Generally, you want to identify and solve a problem they have around your topics.
3.     Decide what benefits the audience will gain by listening to your speech.
4.     Create a speaker sheet. This is a one- or two-sided PDF that lists your topics and provides a set of bullets with the benefits each topic delivers; a short profile of you as a speaker; contact information. More on speaker sheets in a follow-up blog post.
5.     Contact each venue you identified and chat with the person who brings in speakers and ask if you can send your speaker sheet to them.
6.     Follow up and network with this person until you are asked to speak.
7.     Once you have a speaking engagement, create a dynamic, memorable speech full of benefits and value for your audience. This is where you demonstrate how you work with clients to achieve results. Do not make your speech a marketing piece, however. Just pack it full of information and value.
8.     Prepare a handout with your contact information and make an offer on the stage at the end of your talk to get people to go to your website and opt in.
9.     Follow up with the person who brought you in to speak and with everyone who visits your website. 

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