Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Part 4: Meeting Customer Expectations Means Business- Generation X

In two previous updates, I described what your oldest customers, Traditionals, and Baby Boomer customers expect from the companies they do business with.  

How to meet Gen Y expectationsGeneration X—born 1964-198—is the “do it themselves,” generation and expect the convenience of purchasing online, using self-serve options, scheduling/making payments and opting in/out all online and always 24/7. 

Electronic marketing, communications, order taking, and processing systems must be up-to-date, functioning, easy to navigate, and coordinated. Nothing sends this customer packing faster than broken web links, outdated information, or a company’s failure to have even the simplest of electronic tools.

Gen Xs expect compartmentalized offering and prefer transactions to be menu driven. They tend to avoid product packages and want to choose what meets their unique needs and goals. Gen X is to-the-point and expects to be treated that way, too. Their inherent skepticism will kick in if they suspect hype or exaggeration. Once they distrust what you say, they will not do business with you and will tell their friends about it. 

In the last Monday, I will give you some insights into what Gen Y expects and how you can use this information to improve multi-generation sales.

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