Thursday, August 29, 2013

Part 3: Create a Series of Blog Posts for Bottom-Line Results

How to write a blog seriesCreate a series of blog posts on a single topic that you are an expert in. Creating a series on a single topic is an excellent way to showcase your expertise and drive people to your website for more information. Here's how:
  • Choose a topic that is tied to a product or service you offer. For example, if you are an event planner, choose a topic tied to your VIP events. 

  • Decide how many posts in the series. Five is a good number to gain interest and provide valuable information. 
  • Add an image that will remain the same for all the posts.

  • Write the posts and add a link to the product or service on your website. 

  • When your post goes live, update social media with a link to your blog.

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