Friday, July 12, 2013

Get Creative for Better Decision Making and Problem Solving

creativity, how to make decisions, how to solve problems, brainstorming, paired comparisonA good decision making requires new and useful alternatives.The working environment is dynamic, flexible, uncertain, and unpredictable. Professionals must create new approaches to make decisions and solve problems.


Four Rules

  • No criticism
  • Welcome freewheeling
  • Seek large quantities of ideas
  • Encourage combination and improvement of ideas
Nominal Group Technology
  • Each individual writes down as many ideas as possible working individually.
  • Each person presents one of his/her ideas, which the group leader records on a flipchart or whiteboard.
  • The process continues until all ideas have been recorded. No ideas are repeated.
  • Group discussion of each idea starts after all the ideas are presented.
  • Each individual ranks what they think are the top five ideas, by giving a score of 5 to the one they think is best and 1 to the one they think would be least successful.
  • Combine everyone's ratings for each idea.
  • The idea with the highest score is the one you choose. If there is a tie, use Paired Comparison to make a decision.
Paired Comparison
  • Make a list of options.
  • Compare 1 and 2. 
  • Compre the winner from above with 3.
  • Compare that winner with 4.
  • Continue to end. Last option is the one you go with.
Have you used any of these tools? Have you used any other creativity tools? Share your positive, successful experiences using these or other creativity tools.

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