Thursday, April 18, 2013

Speak Up and Increase Visibility and Business

Being a competent speaker is a great way to grow your business and develop your professionalism. As your career progresses, you will have to make presentations to clients, management and staff. The more comfortable you feel speaking to small and large groups, the more successful you can be. Here are some tips for improving your speaking skills.

1. Practice. That's right. Just start speaking at every opportunity. No opportunities? Don't let that stop you. Offer to do a three-minute report about a workshop you attended at the next staff meeting.

2. Be prepared. Take some 3x5 cards and jot the points you want make. Decide what you want to say about each point and practice. Do not read from your cards or from a prepared speech. You want to sound natural and conversational.

3. Stay calm. Many people are nervous when they have to speak. Their hands shake, their voice quivers, they get a dry mouth. All this might happen to you. Just take a few deep breathes to relax. Go to the restroom and open your mouth wide to loosen up your mouth. Drink water and avoid dairy products since they produce mucus that affects your voice.

4. Get help. Join Toastmasters to gain experience and improve your skills.

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